Q: Where does Heritage Square Museum get its funding?

A: While the Museum occupies city parkland, it receives minimal to no funding from the City or State government for operations. Revenue is generated through admissions, museum store sales, site rentals, donations and the generous contributions of individuals, corporations, and foundations. We also receive in-kind donations from local businesses, donors, and members.

Q: Are the houses haunted?

A: Although there are many institutional tales of interesting paranormal occurrences that have happened at our museum, we do not consider our historic buildings to be haunted, just “visited” from time-to-time by their original owners.

Q: Why aren’t all of the buildings restored?

A: It is the Museum’s mission to preserve and restore all of the structures in its care. However, restoration of the structures is expensive since the museum must use original materials-for instance we must use plaster on the interior walls, not drywall like most homeowners do. The organization is also required to adhere to the standards set by the Secretary of the Interior when fixing the buildings. Most of the buildings were donated with just enough funding to initially restore them. However with normal wear-and-tear and exposure to our wonderfully sunny Southern California weather, each building still requires life-long maintenance, which means there will always be restoration work to be done. Donations to specific buildings are accepted and greatly appreciated.

Q: Why is interior photography not allowed?

A: Photography is not allowed inside the building for two reasons-to protect the collection and ephemera from damage caused by flash photography and for security purposes.

Q: Are dogs allowed on the museum grounds?

A: Heritage Square’s Staff are animal lovers, however being a public entity, we must concern ourselves with the safety and comfort of all of our two legged visitors. Therefore, only service animals are allowed on the museum grounds.

Q: Are self guided tours allowed?

A: Self guided tours of the buildings are not allowed. Our docents are on hand to take you in the buildings and share the history of our structures and the people who lived in them at 12, 1, 2, and 3 p.m.