A Golden Vision

A Golden Vision: The Growth of Southern California® is a free educational program designed for third, fourth and fifth grade students to promote historical literacy and instill community pride and an appreciation for art and local history through architecture, literature, art, mathematics and living history activities.


History That is Hands-On

A Golden Vision is one of only a few museum programs in Southern California that has a focus on “living history,” whereby the students have an opportunity to experience hands on, object-based history. The idea behind this concept is “Tell me, and I will forget. Show me, and I may remember. Involve me, and I will understand.” The living history components serve as a foundation from which students can gain knowledge, and beyond that, understanding.

Tools for Teaching Our History

Teachers are given a ten to twelve lesson curriculum as part of the program. The curriculum helps students understand cultural, social, economic and industrial changes taking place in California and particularly Los Angeles, during the Victorian Era. Each lesson in the curriculum complies with the California Department of Education standards and covers various subject matters including reading, mathematics and critical thinking.

In addition, a volunteer will visit each participating classroom and teach a period appropriate school lesson. The finale of the program is a visit to the museum. While here, the class participates in a guided tour, explores the grounds on a scavenger hunt, participates in living history activities and plays period games. The tour is designed to use the buildings and collections of the museum as a means of bringing the lessons to life. An art project, completed in the classroom by the students at the end of their experience, will be displayed at the museum for a year.

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